Plans and Packs


Specific packs to cover immediate needs: Get more customers, establish the strategy and roadmap, integrated communication plan, and strategic branding plan.

We are your external team specialized in sales, communication and marketing.


New customers acquisition, captation and loyalty. We are your external Sales Manager.


Integrated communication plan, and actions to develop. We are your external Communications Manager.


Brand recognision and positioning. We are your external Marketing Manager. 


We turn your project into a business, we make profitable your investment, we study your competition and we make mergers and purchases of companies. From initial stages to international expansions


Everything you need to start. First steps, counseling and mentoring. 


Increase your customers and billing. Improve your on-line and off-line presence.


New markets, internationalization, expansion and growth at all levels.




Pack for companies that are growing and expanding, having a defined strategy and clear objectives, and want to expand their customer base, loyalty in parallel to the current ones.


The configuration is based on a series of actions aimed at capturing new accounts, generating contacts and potentials, creating qualified databases that allow the growth and expansion of the company’s products and services.


Strategic action plan and commercial communication.

Qualified and customized Databases creation.

Phone contact to the entire created database.

Sending corporate information, product and / or service.

Follow-up and sales closing.

Consultancy in evolution and improvement of product/service based on the feedback of customers and potentials.

Customer loyalty strategy: tools and procedures.


Increase of costumers base, project volume and turnover.

Settlement of the commercial actions to be developed for direct customer acquisition.

Coordination with the marketing and commercial departments of the company for the development of an integrated communication strategy.

Flexible and scalable service according to the needs, objectives and resources of the company or the project.

Cost reduction on Sales Department.



Pack for companies that want to maximize their communication, want to be known and generate new channels of contact with their audience, current and potential, following a strategy consistent with the objectives, sustainable and controlled from the first day.


We configure the strategy and communication service jointly through a series of actions that maximize brand recognition, create synergies with collaborators, and optimize communication channels with the target of the company.


Strategy section:

Business Plan, SWOT and initial strategic mentoring.

Consultancy on product positioning, brand and analysis of the competitors

New Strategic Partners acquisition.

Financing: advise and mentoring.

Communication section:

Annual communication and Media Plan

Management and content generation for Web, Blog, Newsletter and Social Networks.

Design and production of corporate and promotional material.

Web creation and promotional landings.

SEO optimization.

On-line and Off-line advertising campaigns.


Integrated management of all company communication.

Establishment of synergies with current collaborators, improving the level of collaboration.

Optimization of all communication actions, focusing on corporate objectives and sales of the company.

Flexibility and adaptability of planning and actions according to the specific needs of each moment.

Cost reduction of business development and communication departments.



Pack for companies that with a defined strategy and objectives, are committed to the generation of Branding as a source of recognition and customer acquisition. Companies worried about their image that want to stand out, grow and expand in their sector.


We establish the guidelines of Branding that a company must follow to generate recognition, brand recall and position itself in the “top of mind” of potential consumers.


Logo, Style Manual and corporate typography design/re-styling.

Design and production of corporate and promotional material.

Web creation and specific landings.

Creation, updating and management of the current communication channels.

Events, congresses and Networkings.

Image study, brand and product/service positioning and competitors analysis.

Consultancy on product improvements based on customer feedback.

Optimization of business processes.


Update and adaptation of the image to the market and to the current and potential audience.

Custom design of added value actions.

Flexibility, scalability and adaptability of all actions proposed.

360º vision of the image and positioning of the brand.

Detailed competitors analysis.


Essential to start

Definition of the most important aspects, tailor-made training and design of everything necessary for your project to become a business. Tailored strategy according to your objectives and budget..


Perfect for start-ups, new projects and proven ideas that can become a business. We build and establish the pillars that will allow us to grow and achieve success in the medium and long term.

Included actions

Business Plan, SWOT and Strategic Mentoring.

Annual communication plan: Web, Newsletter, Blog and Social Media.

Planning of commercial actions and follow-up.

Update corporate image and web.

Competitors analysis.

Financing: advice and mentoring.


With a minimum investment you get very good results.

It offers a 360º view of the business, the market and competitors.

Suitable to the needs and budget of each project, scalable and flexible.


The second step

Actions focused on increasing the billing and customer base, the generation of content and the optimization of the positioning of the brand and the product or service. Specific actions of direct capture and improvement of processes..


Aimed at companies that need to grow by increasing their volume of business, their customers and their presence in the online and offline world. We develop the necessary actions to achieve the objectives and establish the actions to attract customers.

Included actions

Promotional landings creation.

New Strategic Partners acquisition.

Content generation in communication channels to improve SEO: Web, Blog, Newsletter and Social Media.

Direct acquisition of new customers through qualified databases, telephone actions and follow up until the sale's closing.

Study of brand positioning of, the service and the product, improving them and evolving them from the customers and potentials feedback.

Financing: advice and mentoring.


Increase the customers database and the annual turnover.

Costs reduction: for less than half of what a commercial costs, you have a specialized, flexible and scalable collection service.

Improvement of the image, the quality of the service and the added value provided to the en user/customer.


The last stage

Development of actions focused on brand recognition, increasing the area of influence and establishing new markets. We study and implement the best strategies and actions to grow at all levels of service..


Perfect for established companies that want to go further, that want to grow and expand, overcome their limits and make themselves known in new markets. We adapt the level of service to the objectives set, acting as a true strategic partner of the company.

Included actions

National and international expansion plan.

Direct acquisition of new customers, Outsourcing and Commercial Mentoring.

Improvement consulting: professional skills, processes, product and/or service and corporate branding.

Viral Marketing actions and Street Marketing actions.

Management of on-line and off-line advertising campaigns.

Financing: advice and mentoring.


Enables sustainable, flexible and scaled growth, according to needs, objectives and available resources.

It supposes an objective strategic vision of growth possibilities in new markets and sectors.

It supposes an increase of turnover and the Branding, with a total control of the cost and having a total flexibility and absolute scalability.

Although it is a truism, every company is different. Each company has its needs, its objectives and its vision. Our job is precisely to detect those needs and offer exactly what each project needs. Everyone needs more customers, but,


Is the company prepared to receive and manage new clients?


Do you communicate with them properly?


Do you know how to make them loyal and convert them in ambassadors and prescribers of your brand?


At Markulia we specialized precisely in that. In making growth real and sustainable. To generate benefits in a reasonable and responsible way, in transforming projects and ideas into profitable businesses..